Hydrogen peroxide based sanitizer for drinking water systems, oxidizing biocide and oxidant for control of organic deposits and biofilm in drinking water systems. Contains 50% stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Broad spectrum, rapid action and effective in hard water.
Decomposes to water and oxygen.


Concentrated alkaline foam cleaner, for removal of fats, oils, and other organic soils from hard, non-porous environmental surfaces.


Powerful multipurpose glutaraldehyde/quaternary ammonium based disinfectant for the disinfection of livestock housing facilities, livestock trucks and trailers and equipment, processing areas and equipment, and produce warehouses. Also suitable for use in footbaths and as wheel sanitizer. Broad spectrum, rapid action and non-corrosive. Active over a wide pH range and in the presence of proteins and other organic material.

Dufa-Dine 1,8%

Powerful multipurpose iodophor disinfectant for one-step cleaning and disinfection in food plants, livestock buildings and veterinary clinics. Suitable for use as no rinse food plant sanitizer and poultry drinking water sanitizer. Regular use in the drinking water also helps control biofilm and mineral deposits in waterers. Broad spectrum, rapid action and non-corrosive and non-irritation to skin in diluted form. Effective in cold and hard water.


Sanitizing stabilised iodine teat dip solution formulated with emollients to enhance skin conditioning, and when properly used, an aid in reducing the spread of mastitis causing organisms. Can be used pre- and/or postmilking.

Other Dutch Farm International brands


Under the brandname of DufaMix we are serving the animal feed industry with a range of premixes, additives, mycotoxin binders, acidi ers, milk replacers and growth enhancers

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We offer a wide range of veterinary pharmaceutical products, all under the DutchFarm brandname.

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DufaFeed is Dutch Farm Internationals brand name for a range of premium quality feeds and Deli-Lick buckets.

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Cloxa-Ben Dry Cow – Intramammary injector

Intrammamary injector for use in cows at drying off, to treat existing mastitis infections and to provide protection against further infections during the dry period.

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DufaFeed Piglet early nutrition products

DufaFeed Piglet early nutrition products.
Give your piglets the best start!

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