DufaMix Concentrates

How do you create optimal health and growth for your animal?
By serving a balanced diet!
How can you create and serve a balanced diet?
Use a DufaMix Concentrate!

DufaMix Concentrates are a combination of all required vitamins, minerals, trace elements and additives such as antioxidants, pigments & enzymes mixed with highly digestible proteins. The protein concentrates are available for poultry, ruminants and pigs and in all inclusion rates from 2,5% up to 35%.

The composition of a DufaMix Concentrate is developed based on the requirements of the animal in combination with the locally available raw materials. It’s an advantage that the essential ingredients are already mixed with a high protein source as the feed will be easy to mix and result in a better and more homogeneous product. The concentrates are heat-stable and easy to use for the production of a high quality animal feed.

Only high quality protein sources are used and production will take place according EU regulations. Dutch Farm International is GMP+ certified and fully complies with the highest quality assurance standards for the animal feed production.

Interested in our DufaMix Concentrates? Contact us and our professionals will offer a complete feed advise with mixing introductions for the use of the DufaMix Concentrates, customized to your local conditions and preferences. We give all support you need for optimal performance of your animals.

Contact: sales@dutchfarmint.com

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