Cloxa-Ben Dry Cow – Intramammary injector

Mastitis is the most common and most costly disease in dairy cattle worldwide. It reduces milk production and milk quality and it can even progress to a severe disease, so it’s key to prevent and treat it in the best way possible!

Mastitis is the persistent inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue due to physical trauma or microorganisms infections. It occurs when white blood cells are released into the mammary gland. It is a response to bacteria invading the teat canal or occasionally by chemical, mechanical or thermal trauma on the udder. There are two types of mastitis; clinical and subclinical mastitis. Clinical mastitis is visible, milk contains flakes and in some cases blood. Subclinical mastitis is not visible in the milk or the udder, and although the milk appears normal, subclinical infected cows will produce less milk, and the quality of the milk will be reduced.

Prevention of mastitis starts with good hygiene. Cow related bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus are found in the udder and sometimes on the cow itself. To prevent this type of bacteria it’s important to clean udders before milking and disinfect the teats. Environment-related bacteria grow up and multiply in the environment of the cow, for example klebsiella and E.coli. Environmental hygiene is very important. Provide a clean environment (shed, floor, calving area etc.) for the cow. (For disinfection products; see the DufaSept product line, ).

If mastitis still arises despite good hygiene measures, treatment is necessary. Cloxa-Ben Dry Cow is a syringe that consists of cloxacillin benzathine, an antistaphylococcal penicillin primarily used for penicillin-G resistant organisms. It can be used in cows at drying off, to treat existing mastitis infections and to provide protection against further infections during the dry period. Use one injector for single intramammary administration; disinfect the teats after the last milking at the start of the dry period and administer content of the one injector per quarter. (For more information on Cloxa-Ben Dry Cow;

It’s not possible to use Cloxa-Ben Dry Cow in lactating cows and it’s not intended for use within 49 days of calving. For this period we do have an alternative available: Kanapen-P. This product is formulated to treat the toughest forms of mastitis in lactating cows due to the synergistic and bactericidal action of kanamycin and penicillin. (For more information on Kanapen-P;

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